Welcome to Computer Application to Graphic Design!

This is Web Design Class! A class with the purpose of introducing the design concepts and skills required to develop interactive content for the screen-based media. This class will focus primarily on the merging of aesthetics and usability in interface design, designing information architecture, and designing for satisfactory user experience.

I will be encouraging you to work both individually and in groups during the semester on various projects, across various digital media. However, the course remains focused upon understanding and the application of basic conceptual and design skills. I intend to provide these required skills to you, in informative, fun, and creative ways!

Please check out and use the links on the right column☞ for help and inspiration!


1. What is graphic designer’s role in web design world?

  • Graphic designer (1-3 years): $39,750–$56,750
  • Graphic designer (5+ years): $67,500–$93,000
  • Package designer: $59,500–$91,000
  • Visual designer: $66,000–$99,250
  • Front-end web developer (3+ years): $80,000–$119,500
  • Web designer (5+ years): $83,250–$118,000
  • Interaction designer (5+ years): $88,250–$124,500
  • UX designer (1–3 years): $52,000–$79,500
  • UX designer (5+ years): $92,750–$138,000

The Creative Group 2017 Designer Salary Guide  

2017_salary_guide_thecreativegroup (Reading assignment#1)

Hot hybrids

It takes a wide range of design and technical skills to keep up with industry trends in today’s fast-moving climate. In response, creative agencies and in-house departments increasingly seek well-rounded professionals who have knowledge outside their specialty area. As an example, skilled UX designers are in demand; if they also understand the business strategy behind branding, their resumes could well rise to the top of the heap.

Employers will pay a top designer salary, but they expect value, which comes in the form of worker versatility. Expect greater cross-departmental collaboration, especially with IT, as management breaks down silos and encourages staff members to partner on projects and key business initiatives.

2.What are we going to learn in this class? Is it hard?

3.What is Dreamweaver? Do we need to learn code?

4. Dreamweaver vs WordPress?

5. What do you (instructor) expect from us (students)?

<!–Course Work and grade break down–>updated

Semester Projects:

Online Journal – Worth 15% of Total Grade

Portfolio Website – Worth 15% of Total Grade


Design Projects– Worth 60% of Total Grade

  1. User Interface Design – Worth 30% of Total Grade
  2. Event Website – Worth 30% of Total Grade
  3. Business Website – Worth 40% of Total Grade


Demonstration of Technical Knowledge and Course Participation – Worth 15% of Total Grade

What is Internet?

A global computer network providing a variety of information and communication facilities, consisting of interconnected networks using standardized communication protocols.

How does the internet work? Servers, hosting and domain names explained(Reading assignment#2)

Prepare two things: COUPON AVAILABLE! (Bring payment next class)

  1. figure out a domain name (prepare for your portfolio site, short/easy to remember/relevant/.com) (free)
  2. a hosting account (GoDaddy, hostgator, a small orange or Bluehost ), find coupon code if applicable.

Bring your notebook and flash drive to every class.

The Art of Web Design


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